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Audio – Suha’s lost interview

The interview and podcast I completed for the audio module were intense learning experiences for me. Initially, I had planned on interviewing my grandmother about her experiences during WWII, as well as doing a podcast on women filmmakers at London’s Birds Eye View Film Festival. Due to ill health my grandmother was unavailable so I reorganized my ideas and re-worked my recording plans.

I managed to secure an interview with Suha Arraf, Palestinian documentary filmmaker, whose film Women of Hamas was screening at the aforementioned film festival. I was nervous interviewing Suha because I had seen her film and was unsure exactly what questions to pose. The interview went great, but my zoom recorder mixed up my audio files and Suha came out sounding warped, thus I could not use this for my project. This was certainly a blow, as I had done all the work and secured a great interview; I was fairly upset.

Suha’s interview was out, so I used an alternate interview with Len Aldis, Secretary of the Britain Vietnam Friendship Society, that I had gotten while at Spitalfields’ International Women’s Fair. I also used vox pops from the Fair for my podcast. This was not ideal and I was disappointed in the class, and the fact that my first interview was not salvageable. Still the class overall was good as I learned the basics of Audacity, the audio editing software.  


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