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The Fat Sausage Retrospective

The Fat Sausage blog looks at food and recipes from a student perspective. The idea was interesting and fairly unique, although there are similar blogs currently online, like studentcooking.tv. The blog group used such sites, and others with comparable content as references when creating our blog, and tried to maintain a consistency in theme and tone throughout. For instance, the blog

Courtesy chestnutmeats.co.uk

http://gradcooking.blogspot.com/, which was extensive in posts, but lacking in design, gave the authors hints on things to try, but also to avoid.

The Fat Sausage worked as a blog because the writers, being uni students, had a strong connection to the intended audience. The writing was well crafted, in most respects, and the group did try to preserve a framework for writing, publishing and picture placement. From start to finish, The Fat Sausage worked efficiently and all the authors stayed true, more or less, to the schedule set out in the week prior to going live. The real success of the blog can be seen in the number of views throughout the two weeks, with our busiest day, March 22nd, totalling 129 views; fairly impressive for the blog’s second day. The comments also demonstrate an outside interest in the blog, because on the final day of posting, April 4th, there were 52 comments on 51 posts. The authors were all proud of this figure; even if several posts came from parents, friends or family members.

Overall, the blog worked well, but there were certain areas that could have been improved upon. The blog needed to use social networking better or more extensively to gain a better following and get similar bloggers interested in the site. Finally, the blog’s name could have been better researched, as all the other sites refer to student or cooking within their titles and are much easier to find because of it. Whereas The Fat Sausage, while amusing and appealing to the male student’s sense of humour, was not as effective as it could have been in generating traffic.


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