Module Analysis

Journalism is changing. The web is a platform offering numerous opportunities for writers, but with little filtration. Wikipedia in point, articles can be written and modified by anyone, so the onnus to fact check and research is diminishes in importance. Since the Internet has turned the consumer into the producer (or prosumer) the traditional role of journalists is becoming somewhat superfluos; why pay journalists to write a column when everyone from housewives to rockstars are starting their own blogs?

Through this module I’ve learnt how to effectively use blogs and social networking sites like Twitter. Previously I had set up a Twitter account, but wasclueless as to its potential. Each tweet, from established news sources in particular, is like a headline in 140 characters or less. After the initial class on Twitter I found myself a frequent visitor of the site and I feel it broadened my outlook on news access.

Having set up a few blogs in the past via WordPress I was already familiar with the site. I still enjoyed writing the individual module blog, however, as it focused on areas of the Internet I hadn’t really explored before, like Google Reader and Google News. Through the group blog I learnt more about the inner workings of WordPress and realized that my blogs in the past weren’t quite set up properly and thus not reaching their full potential.

As well, the group blog got me to reflect on blog design and its importance for appeal and organization. Group blogs take considerable planning in delivery and consistency of design, and as production editor I enjoyed the task
or creating a schedule and ensuring the group stayed on task.

I’ve learnt a lot through this module and I will continue blogging for many years to come!


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